Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 29 Sep 12
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

How does Minute Mayhem Work? Part 3

While the game rages, the one in the lead is marked by a floating
crown over his Icon. This crown floats form one Icon to another when
someone else takes the lead.

When the match is over, players are taken to a score screen. This
screen shows who won, who lost and who really, really lost. If you play
logged in with your account, then the game adjust your personal score
based on the results. This ensures that in the future, you will be
matched up against opponents on your own level. If none are available,
and you are paired up or down, then this will be reflected in how the
rounds score affects your personal score.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 21 Mar 12
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

A temporary break

As you may well have noticed quite some time have passed since our last update.

Because of the preferences of external sources we have had to halt the production of Minute Mayhem until early 2013 (Earlier additional source of funding might change this.). Fear not, however. Rain AS is doing fine, and the project that gets our love and attention now is Dark Rain. The game is in the same world as Minute Mayhem, and explores the mysterious past of Electropia and the Teslamancers. The game will be a 2D platformer, and since it is Electropia, it will be a tad more grim.

If you wonder about this new development you can follow us at or We will come back to you all and dear Minute Mayhem in a year.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 27 Sep 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

How does Minute Mayhem Work? Part 2

Here is another map from the game. The same characters are duking it out on the Motorland factory map. Here crates sorted in a recognizable order are floating down a great conveyor belt. At the bottom of the screen all the packages are sent plummeting into a fiery abyss (Just like at a real life post office.)

There are poerups distributed on this map too. These can have several different effects on your character. A heart is life. Grenades come in different types with different colors. They can create gravity wells, slow down time in an area, or simply blow things up, but you can only have one at a time.

Lastly you have the weapon pickups. They come in close combat, medium range and heavy varieties. This translates into different weapons for different characters. The weapons are not upgrades, but replace each other when you pick them up. This means that taking one of these upgrades represents a change in strategy. Maybe an adjustment to a strategy your opponents are using.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 22 Sep 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

How does Minute Mayhem Work? Part 1

What exactly is minute mayhem? We got this question a few times in the past, so in ways of explanation, let us show you some pictures.

This is from an ingame scene. Four players are battling each other using the characters Drunkington (Lord Cloningtons ill-bred, alcoholic opposite that for some reason looks exactly like him), Dome, Hedvig and the Teslamancer.

The map is Nostalgia Gardens, named so for its architectural inspiration. This Anglorian garden is more than a passive battlefield, however. It comes complete with traps and spawning powerups to keep things lively.

The 4 players have 3 minutes to duke it out. They have 3 hearts each, and damage ranges from 1/2 heart and upwards pr attack. If you die you respawn after 3 seconds, but you lose a point. If you manage to kill someone, you gain 2 points.

The point of respawn is freely chosen while you are out, and you keep your weapon and grenades.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 19 Aug 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl


As the demo is approaching fast we are cutting some corners to make a perfect, simple version of the game as fast as we can. One of the things we have done is creating 2 alternative skins and personalities for our existing characters.

Meet Ramona. A Motorland Engineer based on the model of Hedvig. She is one of two characters that may only show up in the demo version of the game. These skins may be reused later. That will all depend on feedback, tho.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 04 Aug 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Clonington Miniature

We are looking to set up a kickstarter page to finance the release of Minute Mayhem. To help that along, we have started to make our own award for those of you who really contibute. I present: The Clonington Mini:

It,s not actually been made yet, but this is the 3D model for it so far, and we have the method to produce lots of him all planed out. We are thinking of giving him a quick paintjob before sending him out since we are lucky enough to know some good miniature painters. But of course, that would increase the price.

Any opinions?

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 07 Jul 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

My Tumblr page

A while ago I started a Tumblr blog, and though there has been a link on the side of the page for some time, we bring it up to allow the rest of you to find it (The link is in the sidebar to the right. Has my face stamped on it and everything).

The blog has worked out great, and contains a lot of interesting tidbits from production, the office and the game. Expect two new posts each week, always accompanied by pictures, melodies or clips.

Tumblr has some draconian rules about comments, but follow the blog for 2 weeks, and you get to post your opinion. See you there.

Ps: For those of you following the RSS feed, or a direct link to the article: The link I am referring to is on the front page. Thanks for the heads up, Kenneth.

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 04 Jul 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl


Hypodermius held a small contest for best two animals to combine into a new species on his facebook page. Hanna Harms won by suggesting the combination of a tortoise and a gorilla. So: meet the Tort-illa!

Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 30 Jun 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Coming together

The menu systems are being implemented in the game now. This gets us closer to a version we can show you guys! Animating cogs and looking at fonts at the moment. Maybe it will end up nothing like this. Maybe just exactly like this. Time will tell.

Magnus Holm

Posted on: 22 Jun 11
By: Magnus Holm

A game designer's lament

The summer crunch carries onward and the office is certifiably packed with the Rainers.
I myself have sneaked...snucked.. snuck(?) away from the guys doing all the actual work to bring you, the people, an update:

The sun is shining, the parties are loud and the ones are cold.
In here however, we have none of those things, just work.
Undeterred, we carry on to bring YOU (yes, you in particular)
the Mayhem Tournament of a lifetime.
Fully functional.
Anatomically correct.

Now back to work.