Peter Wingaard Meldahl

Posted on: 16 Jun 11
By: Peter Wingaard Meldahl

The status Quo

Here at Rain AS, we have recently gone into Crunch mode on the completion of Minute Mayhem. This may cause some discrepancies in our abilities to communicate events to you as they happen. 

We felt, however, that we owe you a screenshot from the game about now so here you go. 

The map is called Nostalgia Gardens (A cookie if you guess why), a well groomed garden from the finer side of society. The level has switches that lets players activate different traps around the level, so you have to keep an eye on your enemies both close and far. As such it is a handy feature that the entire map is always displayed, however the camera moves in the high tree crowns over the idyllic scenery.

Jørund Kambestad Lie

Posted on: 26 May 11
By: Jørund Kambestad Lie

We've got a new webpage!

If you've been here before, I'm sure you noticed already. If you haven't, well, you didn't miss much. There's a bunch of lovely new features, like that Twitter thing on the right there. It's a lot prettier than the last one, too. In fact, we figured it was too good-looking, so we decided to offset that by displaying our hideous Scandinavian visages on all the blog posts.

You may be interested to know (not really, but I think it's worth mentioning) that the team working on our website are students hoping to get a Bachelor's Degree out of the project. So you'll tell all your friends to come visit, won't you? Not for our sake, but for that of three promising young web developers. Remember, their continued education - and careers - is in your hands.

Jørund Kambestad Lie

Posted on: 18 May 11
By: Jørund Kambestad Lie

The Minute Mayhem Shader

While we are sticking to Unity's graphics engine, we have created our own shader for Minute Mayhem. No wait, stay! It gets interesting!

As you might have discerned from the art we've shown so far, we're going for a sort of cartoony, "painted" look for the game. The way most games are shaded these days looks far more realistic than what we're going for, and cel-shading, while closer to the intended look, isn't quite right either. So we had our team of cybernetically enhanced code monkeys set up a shading system unique to Minute Mayhem, the basics of which are these:

Every model in the game has three different hand-drawn textures; one dark, one light and one medium. A model will be clad in a combination of all three textures, overlapping each other in a pattern determined by how the light strikes it.

As an example, here's an early version of the Teslamancer's three textures, followed by an approximation of what the in-game composite should look like.

Jørund Kambestad Lie

Posted on: 14 May 11
By: Jørund Kambestad Lie

Approaching a Semblance of Professionalism

We are looking more like a real company every day!

These past few weeks have been pretty exciting for Rain. Here's some of what we're up to:

Actual offices
We've moved into a new office space! An office which, I might add, is not just a Rain employee's apartment. An indisputable improvement, I'm sure you'll agree. You will learn more of our exodus in a later post.

Social networking
Apparently this is a big thing! Rain Boss-Man Peter told us to "get on that there Tweetbook what the kids are using". Long story short, you can now follow us on both Facebook and Twitter. You might notice both those pages are a little bare, but they'll virtually explode with content as soon as we figure out how they actually work.

Which is to say, this website. We have concluded, as I'm sure you all have, that it could be a whole lot better in terms of both form and function. So we're having our web monkeys make a whole new one from scratch! Soon, we'll have enough spinning 3D gifs and unmutable MIDIs to satisfy any cybersurfer.

That's pretty much it for now. Stay tuned for the thrilling tale of our office move!

Jørund Kambestad Lie

Posted on: 14 May 11
By: Jørund Kambestad Lie

The Game

So far you have been introduced to the characters of Minute Mayhem, as well as their intent to pummel and perforate each other in the name of science. But how, in terms of gameplay, will you enact their battles?

As it stands, there's not much information available about how Minute Mayhem actually works. We're gonna start fixing that today, starting with a general run-through of how your typical round of Minute Mayhem will look like.

First off, you'll fire up the game. This part is pretty integral to the experience. If you're playing through your browser, you'll need to sign in, assuming you've set up a user profile. If you're playing via Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN, you'll be sent straight on to the game itself. There will be a main menu at this point, which we won't go into great detail with right now. Even if you've never seen one before, we trust you'll know what to do.

Assuming you didn't panic and Exited Game, you will eventually find yourself facing the character selection screen. Here, we get to the crux of the matter. Which of these eight mad scientists* will be your champion? Will you fling your enemies across the arena as the hulking Lord Clonington, or have the mysterious Teslamancer fire great electrical blasts left and right? Each character varies greatly in abilities and style of play.

Now, after a quick, automated matchmaking thingamajig sets you up with a group of players, you will be transported to the actual game! (Getting here from the game launcher should take less time than you've spent reading this.)

The action transpires like so: You will find your chosen character in the corner of one of four different maps. The three remaining corners are, predictably, occupied by your opponents. You have three minutes to score as many points as possible. You will be awarded two points every time you disintegrate, fry, melt or otherwise destroy an opponent. If you should meet a similar fate, fear not! You will respawn within three seconds, albeit with one point less than before. In a later post, we'll explore the details of how the different characters' abilities and the unique features of each map can affect how a round unfolds.

After three minutes have passed, the round is over and a winner announced! At this point, you choose to either head back to the main menu, or play another round. The players who choose to play again will remain in the group, and the matchmaking client will bring in replacements for anyone who drops out.

That's about it! Some details are subject to change, but by and large this is what you should expect to see in the final release of Minute Mayhem.

*Actual scientific prowess may vary.