Miss Teri

Miss Teri, airship captain, adventurer, explorer, lover, fighter, cheese enthusiast.
She might look petite and vulnerable, but do not let looks decieve.
She really does love her cheese.

Born in Rohon, the capitol of Mesmer, Miss Teri is the endulged heir of the Teri Family fortune and airship empire, she is as sought by suitors for her wealth as for her beauty.
As fate would have it, the young miss is easily bored and has little interest in items bought or given, like jewels or the hearts of men.
Without the thrill of the hunt, such trinkets are worthless.
Fueled by her lust for adventure and backed by the family's great riches and resources, Miss Teri is the leading treasure hunter in all of Mesmer, if not all of Chroma.

On her spare time, she concocts poisons, potions, perfumes and other parafonelia.

The Teslamancer

From Teslagrad, the capital city of Elektropia, caught under an eternal thunderstorm and delivering much of the electricity to the great nation, emerges a highly specialized form of genius. The Teslamancer

Specializing in the electrical and magnetic arts which were refined by the first of their kind, they are truly peerless in technological prowess and might.

In practice, Teslamancy is perceived to be so fantastic that laymen often refer to it as true magic. This belief is supported up by the aura of mystique surrounding the order of the Teslamancers.

The Order is rumored to work tirelessly on the advancement of Elektropias goals, but even amongst the highest echelons of Elektropian government nobody knows where their true agenda lies..

In the Mayhem Tournamnet, the Teslamancer stands out as a frightful example of Elektropia's technological advancement.


Attaining his nicname in an extremely young age (Last year), Cogboy has opted to stick with it as a brand of honour. Being one of several "Wünder kinder" in Motorland, Cogboy still stands out.

He brings not only ingenuity to the Mayhem Tournament but also the reliable yet true madness of science against anyone who might stand in his way, albeit small, Cogboy is
sure to bring honour to the Motorland. Although he has not devoloped
a evil laugh yet, everyone is sure he will when he comes of age.

A frail, largeheaded, bespectibled boy would usually have some challenges to overcom the stronger neighbourhood boys. But those who would have been Bullies in most
circumstances, are more frequently considered Victims when seen running from a multi- bladed, spider legged automated mechanical monstrosity.

Still deeply rooted in his childish tendencies, Cogboy still gets nervous, angsty, lonely, furious, frustrated, annoyed, or indeed annoying as easily as any other child.
While this is in no way unusual at his age, it can be anything from a
pest to the apocalypse when the boy throws a tantrum.


Lord Clonington

The defining trait of a truly noble man is his ability to treat his lessers as his peers.
Lord Clonington can't seem to tell them apart.
They're all so... dirty.

At some point in the Clonington Family history, the art of highbreeding reached its ultimate peak as what was considered the two purest bloodlines of all the noble families of Angloria joined together and produced a child, the young lord.
With the family tradition of never marrying someone of lesser standard, the Clonington family found itself unable to marry off their son and as time passed, he too realized that in order to marry to the family standard, he would have to marry into the Imperial Royal family. They in turn, were afraid to be out-nobled by the Cloningtons pure bloodline and refused.
Lord Clonington, intent on not being the end of his line, turned to the Anglorian Institute of Scientific Pursuit and invested a fair share of the family fortune on the only means of procreating without diluting his blood line: Cloning.
Nobody knows how far from the original the current Lord is removed, but he seems his same old self, over twenty years since his prime.
Despite many failed and a few presumed successful assassination attempts, the Clonington family prevails, and waits. The Royal Family is ever nervous.

"Get your filthy hands off me 'lest I beat you to death with my money."
-Clonington Familiy motto.

Dr. Dome

The field of psychology is still a fresh one in Chroma, still confined
to a small core of Mesmérian scholars and seen as a pseudo-science at
best by anyone not directly involved with its development. Doctor Dome
has proven, however, that it is never too early to take one's studies in
radical, new directions. His peers spend a lot of time conversing with
their patients to find the source of their troubles, a practice Dome
finds entirely ridiculous. A physician doesn't let his patients diagnose
themselves, so why should a psychotherapist allow it? No, Doctor Dome -
as far as the Doctor himself is concerned - can quite easily tell
what's wrong with people. The hard work lies in getting them to realise
he's right.

Dome has spent decades fabricating neuroses in his
patients and subsequently "curing" them, usually for a hefty fee. There
are few services more expensive than the Doctor's, but one cannot argue
with success rates. Using his considerable fortune and innate
understanding of the human mind, Doctor Dome has developed an array of
tools and techniques to reshape or devastate the psyche of anyone who
might offend, annoy or inconvenience him.

Doctor Hypodermius

It wouldn't be fair to the world of science to call Hypodermius a doctor.
But what he lacks in medical degrees, he makes up for in enthusiasm.
Bribing the Cesspoolian Office of Registry, he changed his first name to Doctor to escape the hassle of procuring an actual medical licence, the fees, the studying, and the hippocratic oath would simply get in the way.

Doctor Hypodermius is in spite of his lacking education, one of the foremost biochemists in Angloria, which makes him as feared as he is respected.

Hypodermius opened the city's first free clinic, two day care centers and a petting zoo.
When he is not practicing "medicine" in his "clinic", the good Doctor customises pets for the astonishingly rich upper class, produces military grade bio-weaponry for recreational purposes and voulenteers as medical staff for the Homeless Shelter.
Hypodermius denies all connections to the Hobo Mutant uprising of '83.


In the easternmost part of Chroma looms the great nation of Elektropia,
the largest and in some ways the most impressive country the continent
has seen. In the span of only a few generations, it has grown from an
unremarkable city-state to an undisputable superpower, systematically
annexing its neighbours through military superiority. This is in no
small part thanks to soldiers like Combat Engineer Sergeant Nikola.

Nikola joined the armed forces at an early age, eager to further the
Elektropian cause. She soon found the army to be a perfect fit for her
fiery patriotism and stern, orderly disposition. After being promoted
Sergeant, Nikola joined the ranks of Teslagrad's revered Combat
Engineers. With great lightning-powered machines and devastating
artillery at their command, these cold, brilliant minds ensured that
Elektropia's every victory would be a swift and easy one. Now that there
are no more city-states left to conquer, Nikola leads an unbearably
quiet life, waiting for another war to fight.


Some say the very soul of Motorland is the steam and cogs that propells the coutnry forwards, as such the greatest respect is given to those of who nurse Motorland, keeps her well oiled and running smoothly.

Hedvig is considered by her peers to currently be the best engineer to serve the Motorland. As Dutchess of Girberg, a rural industrial area outside the capitol, she is expected to be ladylike, aristocratic and a proud example of high society. The fact of the matter is that she would rather wear an oily old overall any day, feeling ill at home with silk, jewels and other trappings of nobility.

Both noble and technically ingenious, Hedvig is seen as a role model for much of her nation. Portrayed on a multitude of "inspirational" posters for workers and a shining idol that many aspire to.