Peter Wingaard Meldahl

An unpaid inde game developer is, by definition, an idle and capricious beast. It takes an extraordinary sort of man to whip a herd of such layabouts into action. Peter Meldahl, Rain co-founder and CEO, is luckily more than extraordinary enough for the task.

Although relatively new to game design, Peter is no stranger to organizing creative endeavours. For most of the past decade, he has been responsible for the creation and continued well-being of gaming conventions, comic and creative workshops and the like. He is very much the sort of person you want at the head of any big project.

Peter has his own blog at tumblr about the activities at Rain. Take a look at it for the most "Up to date" reports on what is going on. This blog can be found at

Alexander Arnesen

Alex is one of three developers who programmed the Minute Mayhem site you're currently, hopefully, presumably looking at. Ola Bråten and Lise Eikemo being the other two,  form the Axis of Alex.

As he considers himself the best looking one of the three, Alex vetoed himself to the face of the web-developer team. And their nose.

But who is he?

Alex is a computer engineer who is in the works of becoming a App-developer at Reaktor, and might very well be responsible for the next fart-app, angry animal game or soundboard.
On his spare time Alex juggles koala bears.

Further information about Alexander can be found at

Magnus Holm

One of the most vital creative forces behind the world of Minute Mayhem
and its inhabitants, Magnus Holm is a true wellspring of ideas in terms
of both gameplay and setting. He is responsible for the invention of
most of the game's playable characters, as well as the core mechanics of
the game itself.

Holm is a true renaissance man, steadily
producing a torrent of stories and art and being an inspiration to all
around him. He is an especially enthusiastic crafter of props and
costumes, and did in fact base the character of Hypodermius on one of
his earliest creations. When not coming up with content for the game, he
runs a cosplay club, organizing workshops and con appearances.

Jørund Kambestad Lie

Jørund Kambestad Lie is the person responsible for most of the posts on the Minute Mayhem website. He's writing this profile in third person for the sake of consistency, but supposes the effect is a bit lost now that the curtain has been drawn.

Lie's involvement with the game's development is quie varied. He is mainly concerned with character and setting design, but is also part of Rain's marketing team and will serve as Community Manager once there is a community to manage. When not wasting company time playing video games, Lie can be found at any one of Bergen's seedy pubs, writing nonsense and sampling obscure imported beers.

Ole Ivar Rudi

Ole Ivar Rudi, as he prefers not to be called, is one of the creative minds behind Minute Mayhem's distinctive appearance. No stranger to artistic pursuits, Olli has a Master's Degree in Visual Communication and has been making a decent living off t-shirt designs for years. His work has been distributed by Threadless and Urban Outfitters.

Olli is a man of complex tastes. He enjoys a daily cocktail of gaming news, obscure arcade titles, humourous .gifs and bizarre YouTube videos. He is as much an asset to the team's morale as a detriment to its productivity.

Jørn Lavoll

Jørn composes most of Minute Mayhem's soundtrack, including the music for every level. He's got quite a bit of experience, and we're very excited to be working with him. The music he's made for Minute Mayhem fits very well with the overall feel of the game.

Jørn knows a good soundtrack helps tell a story, and while there isn't much of a tale to be told in Minute Mayhem, this philosophy still leaves a noticable mark on how the gameplay and music blend together.

Stefan Svellingen

Stefan is Rains lead programmer with lots of background from messing around in the field of experimental code.

Something has clearly gone wrong in his Nerd upbringing, however. He is muscled, broad shouldered and plays on a Rugby team. (The Norwegian champions of the sport in fact.) This, paired with the fact that last fall we had to inform him what Cthulhu was, and fill him in on about every internet meme ever made makes it clear that some bad choices were made early in life.

But worry not, fellow internet denizens, we will have him out of shape and quoting obscure internet lingo in no time!

Aleksander Egeland

Aleksander is a Language master from Bergen University, but as an ex Russian he was always multi- lingual. Aleksander has a neat and orderly mind, and this attribute is but to great use as he is responsible for accounting in Rain. 

Pointed out as our obvious spokesperson on, Aleksander also keeps us in contact with the Russian community and the greatest Steampunk community in the world all in one go.